Kathleen Davison Jaeger, Health and Wellness

Kathleen Jaeger serves as Executive Vice President of Health and Wellness, Strategy, and External Relations at All Sober and as the President of the All Sober Foundation.

Jaeger helped transform two sectors of the healthcare system by ensuring Americans' access to affordable medicine and greater access to care, which have provided more opportunities for better health through driving systematic social change. Over the years, Jaeger has served as the highly visible public face of accessible patient care, including testifying several times before Congress and engaging in numerous stakeholder panels. She also served as the spokesperson before key constituencies and target audiences and earned media.

Before joining All Sober, Jaeger was the Senior Vice President of Health and Wellness Strategy, Policy, and Patient Advocacy at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS). Most recently, Jaeger’s leadership was instrumental in decisions by federal and state government to make NACDS’ 40,000 community pharmacies a center piece of the nation’s COVID-19 response and recovery strategy. Jaeger also served as president of the NACDS Foundation since 2011, transforming the entity into a research incubator for promising and sustainable innovative ways to care.

Jaeger further served for six years on the Board of Directors for Surescripts LLC, a national for-profit health information technology company with over 17 billion transactions a year. Kathleen also served as president and CEO of the Generic Pharmaceutical Association for eight years and a partner in two national law firms' food and drug practices, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, LLP, and McKenna & Cuneo, LLP.