Vijay Khilnani, Technology

Vijay is an experienced and dedicated technologist who works to solve business challenges using modern computing platforms and tools. He considers himself as a T-shaped manager who has a degree in technology with decades of management experience in building and managing professional software development teams from ground up. He takes pride in being able to lead a team of very talented technical professionals and motivate them to focus all effort towards achieving company's strategic objectives. Over the years he has built his technical management skills by executing multitudes of successful projects with help of local and international resources. He has thrived in small as well as large organizations with project management or product development priorities.

Vijay has a great blend of experience working with large software giants like Oracle, Microsoft and Infor, and also with his share of smaller more demanding startups like NewTarget, SmartCosmos and his own venture 24by7Software. Earlier in his career he spent nearly 10 years at Oracle building a world class software product along with a large team of professionals around the globe. His time at Microsoft was spent evangelizing the software companies flagship products like Sharepoint, SQL Server and Visual Studio to the development community in the systems integrator space. At Infor, he took on the challenge of turning around a product suite which served the financial auditors in the compliance industry called Approva. His expertise and experience helped revive the product which started generating revenue within a year of his efforts.

At smaller more startup like companies, Vijay has been successful in laying the groundwork for new projects and products with his technical background and ability to quickly build a world class software team. At LISCR, he was able to turn their internal mainframe outdated systems into an online operational system which was utilized by all the offices spread across the world to real time participate in their daily customer service tasks. This meant fewer errors and faster customer service with online abilities to pay and process.

Lately, at Smart Cosmos his work involved architecting and implementing a cloud solution with an IoT (Internet of Things) based solution that utilized RFID chips to tag products in retail and supply chain to solve authenticity, inventory, temperature control and location tracking of consumer goods in transit.

Vijay got his undergraduate in Computer Science Engineering from University of Mumbai (India) and recently a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Virginia Tech. He has a beautiful daughter who is off to acquire her own Computer Science degree from Virginia Tech starting this year. In his spare time, Vijay loves to spend time learning new technology and gadgets, but also is an outdoor enthusiast with keen interest in tennis, golf, kayaking, hiking and paddle boarding

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