• “Thank you so much for sharing your personal journey, and for the comprehensive solution that you have designed and are taking to market. We are grateful for the learning, and look forward to an impactful collaboration.”

    - Kate Johnson, President, Microsoft US

  • “So many “what ifs” that All Sober could address on one platform. All Sober provides hope. Hope that the other Joes in the world can see that it is not too late. That someone cares. That there is a promise for tomorrow. I wish you every success in what can only be described as a life-saving venture.

    -Mary Harlee, Mother who lost her son to opioid addiction

  • "As you know the disease of addiction is devastating. Stigma and shame are a barrier to treatment, but your platform provides a message of hope, wellness, and recovery. I cannot imagine a treatment provider that would not want to be part of that."

    - Geoff Botak, President Malvern Health

  • "I know from my personal experience as someone in recovery and from my professional experience too, that All Sober will be an exceptional, multi-faceted one-stop-shop for who those who are impacted by addiction and are seeking recovery and sober life resources."

    -Merrick Murdock, CPRS, QMHP

  • "Collectively, we have not done enough to support the countless individuals and groups affected by addiction. There is a critical need for additional resources, and I am confident that All Sober will fill this major gap. As someone in recovery, I am greatly looking forward to seeing the transformational impact that All Sober will have within our communities."

    -Tim Rabolt, Executive Director, Association of Recovery in Higher Education

  • "All Sober is a growing group of people, recovery specialists, influencers, renowned thinkers from many walks of life, and some of the biggest global brands, like Microsoft, who have all witnessed the disease of addiction, seen its devastation, and have come together to do something about it."

    -Paul Gayter, Founder, All Sober

All Sober is an exciting new company that has been created to provide the millions of Americans suffering from addiction and their loved ones with all the connections, information and resources they need as they journey through recovery and into sober life; to end the stigma and shame of addiction; to inspire people in recovery to sustain and celebrate sobriety; and to help fund treatment for those who can’t afford it. All Sober is a Public Benefit Company and a portion of all earnings will be donated to the All Sober Foundation and used to benefit the public by helping to fund treatment.

As we embark on this journey, we are proud to announce that Microsoft has committed to supporting All Sober’s mission in numerous ways — including with technology, product sales, marketing, sponsorship and PR initiatives. Microsoft will also help leverage relationships with companies to create opportunities for All Sober, involve All Sober as an addiction recovery partner in their social impact initiatives, and support the company as it launches in the fall of 2021.

On behalf of everyone involved, we invite you to become part of All Sober in any way that you can — whether it's investing your time, talent and even your financial resources. Together, we can and will make a difference in the lives of all those affected by addiction.

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